Non-Stop Poetry

My poetry stay moving…

Alphabetize Us-Written 11.21.16 
(When reading, place "she" in place of the comma)

Again, Always Awaited 
But Boys Bemoan 'Bout Boundless Beauty. 
Curiosity Caused Consideration, Constantly Concluded 
Deducing da Damage Done. Disbelief. Disdain. Damn, Disregarded 
Everything Eternal Everything Existing. Everything 
Fuck Feelings, Forgot Facts, Focused Feverishly. Frantically 
Got Goner. Go, Got Goner. 
He Helped Her Heart Heal. Her Heart Healed His 
Insecurities. Inside Interest Intensified. Increased Intoxicatingly. 
Justified Jacuzzis Journeys Jamming 
Kickingit'. Kept Kidlike 
Love Lingering Long. Love Lasting Late. 
My Man Missing Me. Materializing 
Never. Now Naturally Needs 
Occur, opts Other Options. Others Owning 
Property, Pretends Pain 
Quit. Quotes Quintessential Quotes. Quietly Quits 
Reminiscing. Removes Remnants. Removes Reminders Revealing Reality.  
Sadly. So She Shouldn't Sulk. She Sees Semblances Showing Similarities.
She Selects Sanity. 
Tells Tales To Tell The Truth. 
Uses Useless 
Wondering Why Wishing Won't Work. 
eX. XOXO. 
Young ying-yangs yearning youth. 
Zealously Zen, Zestfully Zones.


Untitled via Avalon Jorj-Written 7.5.16
At times 
I tire
Of being 
A human being. 
I tire of scrapes, 
Cuts, bruises, tears, 
The ability to feel. 
At times 
When it rains 
I replicate 
The motion 
Bringing relief to my soul, 
Rainbows to my eyes, 
Keeping in mind God's promises 
Of love in life. 
Love balances the pain, 
Heals cuts and bruises, 
Makes worthwhile 
The ability to feel. 
Still, at times I tire 
Of being A human being.

Ride-Written 9.2.15

Walking down the stairs, strolling along the platform, my feet glide, almost slip on some saliva that someone hacked out.

Holding steady, reaching out, gripping the banister in front of me to save myself, a stickiness connects with my hand.

Handing me a tissue, out of the kindness of their heart, someone does this and relief floods through me.

Thank you comes out of my mouth but they don’t hear me, all they hear is to “Stand clear of the closing doors please.” Thank you I mouthed but passengers don’t hear me.

So eyes roll, and I feel embarrassed. But alas in redemption, I look to give up my new found seat, to an elderly. Kindness will ensue, and all is right in the world.

“The world is coming to an end! The world is coming to an end! The world is coming to an end!” Shouted by him before he sides into the seat I reserved for an elderly.

Now she is shaking, the elderly, but everyone is too busy looking at the man, wondering if the world IS coming to an end.

And I am wondering if this train ride is ever going to end.



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